University of Nairobi Public Lecture on Intelligent Design held on 17th November 2023

The lecture was held on 17th November, 2023 at University of Nairobi in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya with the theme “The Question of Intelligent Design: We follow the evidence where it leads”. The lecture was blended with some speakers delivering their lectures online. 

The following two online speakers from discovery institute who were the main speakers during the round-trip public lectures:

  1. Dr. Brian Miller
  2. Dr. Casey Luskin

The following topics were presented:

  • Introduction to Intelligent Design and Evolution
  • The Good Earth: How Our Planet Shows Evidence of Design
  • Big Bang and Cosmic Design
  • Evidence for design in the origin of the universe and the fine tuning of the laws of nature

The above topics were handled well by the two speakers and thereafter there was a plenary session for questions and answers. The online speakers answered some of the questions which were specifically directed to them while the board members who were physically present handled the others. The sessions were very lively and interactive prompting very many questions and discussion on topics presented and general information on Intelligent Design. There was a lot of discussion between the participants and board members during the plenary session and even informally after the lecture. Participants appreciated the public lecture as the best avenue for academic discourse on areas which seems less known to scholars. Participants urged BioCosmos Kenya to establish strong academic linkages with the University on research. The lecture and discussions were very lively making the function to stretch past 6pm in the evening.

After the lecture, each participant received a copy of The Little Book of Creation and copies for participants who attended virtually were given out for issuance to them later on. 

Part of the Physical Audience of the Public Lecture

Photo of BioCosmos Kenya Team, Organizers of the Public Lecture (Dr John Awuor Buers), Acting Dean Faculty of Science and Technology (Prof. Abiy Yenesew), Chair of Physics Department (Prof. Francis Nyongesa) and Students who declared intention to be members of BioCosmos Students Club University of Nairobi Chapter