We think very much about life

We often ask our self how life is,

Planned or is it by chance? Life

Universe, does is it have a beginning,

Does it have an end, or basically it’s eternal.

The natural laws, gravity law

Do they form and make themselves

Were they created to support life?

Or life is a product of the natural laws,

The how did they emerge?

Laws so perfect, points a designer

I know so, evidence says so

Einstein a great man, said so

Let’s all through biocosmos spread so.

Entire world must know so.

DNA 3.2 billion information

Correctly arranged orderly

Darwin say it’s by evolution

Mutation coincidences and chances,

Arrangement is not coincident, I know that

Evolution and its principles

Chances and coincidence explain

Macro evolution to eliminate questions,

I say, we say, evidence say

Macro evolution is basically theoretical

Experimental theories by scientists,

General Relativity, quantum cosmology,

Show life, had a beginning,

The force in matter and space, who set

Evidence say metaphysical power

Naturalism can’t answer, order, complexity and perfection

There is a designer, ask Hawking

Order explains intelligence

Complexity and difference points design

Perfections proofs an intelligent designer

To the end I come, with strength I rise

To teach intelligent design to world, from Kenya I start.

Say no to indoctrination, yes to willful choice

New era has come, biocosmos is home

To feel the gaps about complexity of life and nature

Intelligent design is the answer

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