Glen Jehu Ooro

All cells operate a different way from the other due to the different roles they are associated with, this is also true with the organelles found within the cells. In a cell no organelle plays the same role as the other, consider the mitochondria whose function is to enable energy production due to the nature of its inner membrane known as cristae.  The rotary engine that generates ATP is located here.It is a unique motor that has a rotation speed of 3-4000 RPM.When the organism needs more energy, the motor is able to increase its rotation speed.The motor is driven by the flow of hydrogen ions across the membrane. Naturalistic Science has no idea how this motor originated, and a plausible explanation is that it is the product of intelligent activity, like all rotary engines human engineers have produced. The motor is so complex and sophisticated that it seems unlikely that it came into being without intelligent activity.

The same is also seen in the rough and smooth endoplasmic reticulum which serves multiple functions. The rough endoplasmic has a rough appearance due to all the ribosomes that are attached to its membranes, having important functions regarding synthesis, 3- D-folding, modification and transport of proteins.  The smooth reticulum is involved in the synthesis of lipids, such as cholesterol and phospholipids. Phospholipids play important roles in the synthesis of membranes, such as the cellular membrane which consists of a large number of various phospholipids.  The membranes in the cell are elaborate structures, no scientist has been able to synthesize something that resembles. In spite of intensive research for decades Science has not been able to explain how the membrane system of the cell could origin. The elastic membrane of the cell is charged and controls the selective transport of materials in and out of the cell. Its ability to have both polar and non-polar ends also points to intelligent design as the best explanation for its origin.

The frisson action of the male sperm cell and the female egg cell (ovum), in order to develop a blastosis and the subsequent stages of development, that are always followed strictly shows that this algorithmic process is not random but is the result of knowledge and planning. Algorithms are the result of computer scientists. The algorithms of life are also made by an intelligent mind who developed the two cells such that none of them could form a zygote without the other.


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