The 2nd Annual BioCosmos Foundation Conference held on 16th September 2023 at Verona Hotel

The 2nd BioCosmos Annual Conference was held on Saturday, 16th September, 2023 from 8.00am. The conference brought together a total of 115 participants drawn from several institutions across the nation. The choice of participants was based on the following criteria which was a departure from the 1st Annual Conference: 

  1. Representatives from Universities where BioCosmos Foundation held public lectures
  2. Representatives from Institutions that established BioCosmos Kenya student clubs
  3. Alumni of the Africa Focused Seminar
  4. Alumni of the International Seminar on Intelligent Design
  5. Representative graduates of the 1st Cohort of Certificate Course in Intelligent Design
  6. Sampled officials of BioCosmos Kenya Students clubs from representative Universities
  7. Like minded institutions – Focus Kenya Representative and Apologetic Kenya

Representative Institutions: 

  • CID Alumni
  • AFS Alumni
  • International Summer Seminar Alumni
  • DVC – Rongo University
  • Rongo University Faculty Members
  • Coordinator of High School Principals
  • Moi University 
  • SEKU – Main Faculty Members 
  • SEKU – Main BCKSc
  • SEKU – Kitui Faculty Members
  • SEKU – Kitui BCKSc 
  • AIU Faculty Members
  • MMUST Faculty Members
  • GLUK Faculty Members
  • ALUPE Faculty Members
  • Alupe BCKSc
  • Kabarak University Faculty Members
  • Kabarak University BCKSc
  • Pwani University Faculty Members
  • Gagra High School Patron
  • Kosawo High School BCKSc Patron
  • Tingare High School BCKSc Patron
  • Sigomere BCKSc Patron
  • Ukalama BCKSc Patron
  • Ulwani BCKSc Patron
  • Tumu Tumu BCKSc Patron
  • St. Mary of Mercy Girls Pserum 
  • Africa Nazarene University Faculty Members/Team
  • ST. Pauls’s Faculty Members/Team
  • UoN Faculty Members/ Team
  • CUEA Faculty Members/ Team
  • UoE Faculty Members
  • UoE BCKSc
  • University of Nairobi
  • Kaimosi University
  • Koitalel Samoei University
  • FOCUS Kenya
  • Apologetic Kenya

A section of Conference participants

Dr Casey Luskin and Dr. Brian Miller presenting a hard cover copy of the book “Science and Faith in Dialogue” to CEO/Chair BioCosmos Africa, Mr. Dag Kr. Norli

NB: You can access e-copy of the book via:

The participants were taken through the structure of BioCosmos Africa and its present and planned coverage in Africa and status of BioCosmos Tanzania and BioCosmos Uganda. The participants had opportunity to learn more about activities of BioCosmos Kenya and how they can be involved. The implementation of Intelligent Design curriculum and the process of establishing BioCosmos club in the universities was explained and those willing to be supported were called upon to contact the Chair, BioCosmos Kenya for further engagement. BioCosmos Kenya has plans to appoint BioCosmos Regional Coordinators and this will be based on evidence of having taken the International Summer Course in Intelligent Design offered by Discovery Institute and interest in advancing the mandate of BioCosmos Kenya. Participants were taken through the process of nomination for 2024 Africa Focused Seminar & 2024 Discovery Institute Summer Seminar and requirements. The participants were encouraged to follow BioCosmos Foundation on Social Media platforms and also register as members of BioCosmos Kenya. It is only those who register as members will be considered and involved in BioCosmos Kenya activities as it is important to build a strong foundation with known membership. 

The following five lectures were delivered during the conference:

Lecture 1: Introduction to World views – by Prof. Kjell Tveter

Lecture 2: Introduction to Intelligent Design and Neo Darwinian Evolution – by Dr. Casey Luskin

Lecture 3: Evidence for design in the origin of the universe and the fine tuning of the laws of nature – by Dr. Brian Miller

Lecture 4: The fossil record: A challenge to Darwinism and support for Intelligent Design – by Dr. Casey Luskin

Lecture 5: Evidence for design in a minimally complex cells and the reasons life could not have originated solely from physical processes – by Dr. Brian Miller

The Guest of owner and renown author of Intelligent Design books that serves as a backbone to the literature that BioCosmos Kenya uses in Kenya Prof. Kjell Tveter was honoured for his sacrificial service in pursuit to advance ID in Kenya and Africa. CEO/Chair BioCosmos Africa Mr. Dag Norli gave a moving speech in honour of the Guest of honour and also led the awarding of the guest of honour with a Traditional Kenyan walking stick and a Safari Kenya Branded Cap. The whole team appreciated Prof Kjell for being part of the 2nd Annual BioCosmos Conference.

Crowning the Guest of Honour, Prof. Kjell Tveter

Prof. Kjell Tveter honoured for his work in Africahe is flanked by BioCosmos Kenya Board Members

CEO/Chair BioCosmos Africa presenting a certificate of participation to Prof Kjell Tveter

Prof. Kjell Tveter making his remarks during the 2nd Annual BioCosmos Kenya Conference

During the plenary sessions, participants’ questions were answered appropriately by the speakers of the day and Board members present. The discussion was very interesting eliciting lots of comments, insights and compliments especially the post mortem at the end of the conference.

All the Conference participants including the 20 from Nairobi region who were commuting were treated to a sumptuous dinner that also involved a discussion on the days event and future engagements at different institution levels. 

After the conference, feedback was sought from participants using an online survey platform. From the analysis 71.4% were satisfied with the pre-conference preparations noting that the information which they inquired was provided promptly and was informative with 73.8% of the participants being happy with the general organization of the conference. A total 76.2% of the participants felt that the objectives of the conference were met and that the presentation of the subject matter was excellent. A section of participants from the institutions where BioCosmos Kenya had not so far visited expressed their interest to host public lectures on ID and establish student clubs. From the results there was no outright dissatisfaction with the organization and conduct of conference. This is clear evidence that the objectives of the conference were met and that it was successful.

CEO/Chair BioCosmos Africa making a presentation during the 2nd Annual BioCosmos Kenya Conference