BioCosmos Kenya Students’ Articles

POEM by Hillary Wakhungu

SCIENCE OR FAIRY TALE The world and the creation The story from generations Scientists from great nations All having the same questions How, when and

Poem written by Washingtone Otieno

Is everything By Accident? Where did everything originate? What’s the creation mechanism? What fate awaits our departed souls? Was creation just a random process? How

Poem written by Amocent Juma

THE INTELLIGENT DESIGNER We think very much about life We often ask our self how life is, Planned or is it by chance? Life Universe,

Poem written  by Morris Kailikia

Intelligent Design Well, So we can easily-unanimously Agree to agree, Mobile phones, cars and houses Are products of a designer No doubts. But, We ignorantly

Poem written by Sheila Anguche

INTELLIGENT DESIGN Life is so complex Features of nature are best explained by intelligent cause ID is not a negative argument against evolution And it’s

The cell as evidence of ID

Glen Jehu Ooro All cells operate a different way from the other due to the different roles they are associated with, this is also true