New book of Kjell J. Tveter released in English, How and why the west lost its faith

How and why the west lost its faith

Emphasis on the Christian Worldview

This book has presented a defense of the Christian faith. For many centuries the Christian faith has constituted the very foundation of Western civilization, and being Christian was natural to most people. To- day, Christianity is subject to the strongest attack in 2,000 years. In this time of spiritual battle, it has been important for me to present facts that point powerfully to the fact that Christianity is the truth of our reality.

The forces that threaten Christianity and Christian faith are Atheism, Naturalism, Materialism, the Theory of Evolution, Secular Humanism, Liberal Theology, Relativism, Postmodernism, Marxism, the New Age Movement, and Islam. In our time, a singular attack is aimed at a biblical understanding of morality, forms of cohabitation, and the importance of the family to society. We do not know if this struggle will result in increased frequency of various forms of unhappiness, social problems, mental disorders and depression, but it is probable. In this regard, I feel the need to clarify the following:

Only God could have created our universe. That is why he is almighty in a way that we do not understand. He is bigger than anything we can imagine, so we should all be in holy awe of an almighty Creator. At the Big Bang, two gases, hydrogen and helium were created, but they do not contain any information, they are inanimate substances, yet everything in our reality comes from these two gases. Only the one almighty Creator could do that.

God has created life. Life could not have come into being by itself. Even life in the smallest bacterium is far more complex than anything humans have ever made.

God has created us humans. We are created by God and do not orig- inate from apes. The differences between apes and humans are far too great for us to have descended from them.

Biological information is found in DNA. This information is specific, has a purpose, and is a prerequisite for life to come into being and for life to continue to live. Information can never come into being by chance. Only an intelligence can create targeted information, so it is natural to see DNA as God’s Logos— words with creative power.

The nano-machinery of life. Every single cell in our body has thou- sands of motors and machines that only measure a few nanometers in length. The instructions for their construction and how they work lies in the DNA. This nano-machinery is vital. Without functioning nano-ma- chinery, life would end. Evolutionary mechanisms cannot produce this machinery.

We may wonder if the main purpose of the creation of the universe is so that humans could come into being. It does look this way. Since God wants to have a relationship with us, we would expect he would want to convey messages to us about how to live – messages we must follow to inherit eternal life. The Bible gives us this information. It should not be harder to believe the Bible is God’s word to us, than to believe God created the information stored in our DNA.

I have tried to argue that a Christian worldview represents the total truth of our reality. Secular worldviews have replaced God with some- thing created, and therefore cannot provide a comprehensive description of reality.

Endorsement by Hanne Nabintu Herland, author, historian of religion

A wake-up call and a firebrand

Kjell J. Tveter´s book is fascinating reading about the various worldviews of our time, such as materialism, atheism and Christendom. He describes the consequences of the cultural elite´s rejection of the spiritual dimension of life, additionally describing the weaknesses of the Darwian theory of evolution, and how modern science changes according to what is popular. Tveter paints a complex picture of reality, stimulating reflections on questions related to how we should live in order to get she most meaningful life. This is a very important book