Message from the Chair – BioCosmos Kenya,Dr. Richard Ochieng’, PhD

BioCosmos Kenya,

It has been only one year since the introduction of BioCosmos Kenya and the concept of Intelligent Design in Kenya, yet the response has been tremendously positive. In fact, the theory is quickly infiltrating into many institutions of higher learning in Kenya giving scholars and critiques access to a variety of concepts that explain the origin of life and the universe. The concept that life and many features of the universe are as a result of an Intelligent cause is now a reality for hundreds of scholars and critics in Kenya creating a platform for advancing learning in other disciplines based on this unique theory.

Creating awareness about ID is among the fastest growing ventures with Institutions such as University of Eldoret and Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology having BioCosmos Students clubs with very vibrant peer Educators who are sensitizing fellow students on the concept of ID both in their institutions as well other Institutions through ID related inter-university activities.

Despite the overwhelming response to the theory of ID, the country is still at the baby stage and there is need for more sensitization and education on the ID concept. This calls for more public lectures, workshops, conferences and exposures which will could go a long way to give make the theory to reach a wider audience.

Up coming activities

  1. Public Lectures

BioCosmos Kenya in collaboration with BioCosmos Africa plans to hold public lectures in institutions of higher learning across Kenya. These institutions include Masinde Muliro University, Kabarak University, Alupe Univesity College among others.

2. BioCosmos Conference to held at Grand Winston Hotel

BioCosmos plans to hold a conference in Nakuru.

The conference will have participants drawn from several Institutions in Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Somalia among other regions. This will solidify regional cooperation in the realm of scholarship, serving as a build up to the integration of communities through collaboration between these communities across cultural and national boundaries; which will enable the concept of ID to reach out to a larger audience. This conference will bring together scholars, writers, journalists, filmmakers, critiques and other knowledge producers for a reflection on the ID theory and the launching of the BioCosmos Kenya. This will be a unique opportunity to both reflect on the concepts of the theory and celebrate its achievements so far.

While acknowledging the origin of life and the universe through an Intelligent cause, the conference will convene a platform from which to reflect on the Origin of life; scientific evidence of an intelligent designer, how ID differs from other theoretical postulations of the origin of life, What are some of the indexical moments of ID, Tenets of ID and how they have been shaped, affirmed, critiqued or resuscitated at different moments in its history, What are some of the key intellectual debates that have animated the theory, How do these debates comment on, contribute to or interact with ideas and trends from continental and global debates? What kinds of futures can be envisioned through the lenses of the theory, among other exciting areas? This list is not exhaustive. There will be interactive sessions that will engage with these questions and related concerns. This will be a conference of its own kind.


Dr. Richard Ochieng’

Chair, BioCosmos Kenya