Is everything By Accident?

Where did everything originate?

What’s the creation mechanism?

What fate awaits our departed souls?

Was creation just a random process?

How can complex cellular structure literally evolve?

From my cabin of uncertainty and anxiety

I raised my antennae in the search for truth

To cloth my naked questions sufficiently

A kind of reliable and empirical response

That could intellectually reshape my thought

As the sun rises for yet another day

Giving hope to the previously darkened sky

So has Intelligent Design answered me

A classical theory based on nothing but evidence

For we follow where evidence leads

Come fellow scholars to the table of reasoning

By what accident did an ape evolve into man?

Arise and explain to me like a two-year old child

How creatures suddenly and randomly evolved

Did life came into being spontaneously by accident?

Was it not caused by a creative intelligence?

There must be a designer behind it all

To plan and control how things should happen

For even before a vehicle is ‘born’

It had to be designed through planning

To produce the four-wheeled running machine

Colleague scientists, answer me

Did all life arose from initial primordial cell?

Or did life develop due to variations and natural selection?

Absolutely no, not today not forever

For genetic material explains it all

Be cheated not by the Darwinian mechanism

Since it’s blind without a plan

Or do natural selection and mutation

Have the ability to think and reason?

Intelligence Design therefore remains

The only scientifically tested and approved theory

That explains the complexity of life

And the information stored in the DNA

Through a designer- creator

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