Life is so complex

Features of nature are best explained by intelligent cause

ID is not a negative argument against evolution

And it’s not a theory about the designer

It studies signs of intelligence


Is ID of importance to university students?

Ooh yes……………..

It fosters innovation in academia

Helps them become more knowledgeable about discoveries

Enriches the standard process of scientific invention

Encourages critical thinking about existing theories

Just to list but a few


Scientific problems with current theories

Genetics – Mutation causes harm and do not build complexity

Biochemistry – Unguided and random process cannot produce cellular complexity

Paleontology – Fossils records lack intermediate fossils

Taxonomy – The tree of life is falling

Chemistry – The chemical origin of life remains an unsolved mystery


ID rules and appreciates the mind

Traits that make Human unique

Morality, Personality, Creativity

Social skills, Our moral judgements

BY SHEILLA ANGUCHE (Member of BioCosmos Kenya Student Club & Graduate of Certificate Course in Intelligent Design)


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