Intelligent Design


So we can easily-unanimously

Agree to agree,

Mobile phones, cars and houses

Are products of a designer

No doubts.


We ignorantly and blindly

Disagree to agree; argue, cajole, sneer and criticize.

The fact that life and its forms

Are as a result of

A super-intelligent designer at his work.

Mobile phones break down,

Cars develop mechanical problems-

Require regular servicing,

Houses collapse.

Failure of human design

The cell never tires,

With its complex design and work. Its information system!

Account for the Pacific Golden Plover.

How about the Salmon in Norway?

And the Monarch Butterfly?

Are they just as a result of coincidental collision?

What about the regularity 0f nature?

Nature and life bear

The marks having been designed

By an expert architect

Put together by and expert builder

Beyond human comprehension.

A super intelligent designer

Producing perfectly -designed


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