What is ID Day?

It is a day to create awareness about the theory of Intelligent Design.

Why is ID day important?

Public awareness and Visibility:

Public education and visibility remain at the core of creating awareness about new topics. ID being a relatively new theory in Kenya, not many people have had a chance to learn about its tenets. Our Universities have hundreds of thousands of students, a one-day public lecture held in a hall with a capacity of 200 to 1000 cannot possibly reach the whole population in a University. There is thus need to use multi avenues to create awareness and reach a wider audience. ID day is therefore a very important day in the BCKSC calendar. Since awareness day is informal and relaxed it can bring people together and make people feel more positive about the theory of ID hence bringing a positive change. This will make ID day to extend beyond simply drawing attention to a cause.

Prompting a discussion:

Since such an event can prompt questions about ID, it will thus promote discussions on how people feel about the topic; this will build a sense of connection and belonging. This day will thus be essential for taking the time and space to engage in public discussions and start a conversation; something that may not be achieved by public lectures only. This can be the first step in initiating a sweeping social change.


While change doesn’t often happen overnight, if awareness is created often, it will bring visibility to an issue, and help shift established ‘norms’  (eg evolutionism).

We welcome all scholars interested in learning more about the theory that provides a better explanation to the origin of life and universe.  

It will be explosive at the University of Eldoret on 21st January 2023 – Do Not Miss


********* Dr. Lencer Ndede, Coordinator/Chair, BioCosmos Kenya Student Clubs *********

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