By: Dr. Lencer Ndede, Chair BioCosmos Kenya Student Clubs

In recent years, student societies, clubs and organizations have garnered real prominence within learning Institutions. Organizations in the recent past have been using student clubs to reinforce their agenda. The involvement of clubs in marketing and creating awareness has become much more important than any other awareness pathway nowadays.

Though Education is one of the most powerful instruments for imparting knowledge and creating awareness, the current Education system in Kenya has not exhaustively addressed the question of “Origin of life and the Universe”. The system emphasizes on teaching of scientific facts that may not necessarily relate to the existing debates and realities on the Origin of Life and the Universe. Origin of Life and the Universe is a topic not easily confined to school hours and years, because knowledge and understanding of Origin of Life and the Universe are ever changing and therefore requires more time and robust scholarly debate alongside cutting edge research. The current school curriculum only mentions the aspects as confined in the syllabus and fails to address the emerging questions raised by community of scientists globally. Further shortcoming is brought about by the fact that most curriculum gives more emphasis on Darwin theory of evolution.

To fill the existing gap in body of knowledge, BioCosmos has established forums to address the question of Origin of Life and the Universe by facilitating the establishment of BioCosmos Kenya Student Clubs whose main goal is to engage students in activities that improve access, dissemination and uptake of information related to the Theory of Intelligent Design. Intelligent Design is a scientific theory that holds that many features of the universe and life are best explained by an intelligent cause. The clubs provide an excellent opportunity for students to engage in scholarly discourse on the subject of Origin of Life and the Universe. The club members are encouraged to draw up action plans for creating awareness as well as participate in activities that will foster knowledge of the theory of intelligent Design.

Text Box: Official launching of MMUST BioCosmos Students Club by CEO BioCosmos Africa, Mr. Dag Kr. Norli & Prof. Kjell Tveter



The club members engages in hands-on, practical activities that create awareness and offer valuable opportunities to reinforce the topics and the facts taught in the curriculum. The students thus can relate what they learn in class to real life.