BioCosmos Foundation in Tanzania

BioCosmos Foundation highly appreciates Christian Council of Tanzania (CCT) for acknowledging the mission and vision of the Foundation and creating a platform to meet with various leaders of the Church in Tanzania under the CCT umbrella. It is through the partnership that BioCosmos Foundation was invited to deliver a Public Lecture laced with Praise and Worship Service at CCT SUA Chaplaincy on 13th November 2022. Through the leadership of the CCT Chaplain, the church hall was full with more than 400 students/youths drawn from different Universities and other Institutions who were eager to learn more about the Theory of Intelligent Design and its place in explaining the Origin of Life and the Universe.

BioCosmos Foundation honoured the invitation to deliver public lectures at the following Universities:

  1. University of Dar Es Salaam on 12th November 2022 from 9am to 1pm
  2. Sokoine University of Agriculture on 14th November 202 from 9am to 1pm
  3. University of Dodoma on 15th November 2022, from 2pm to 5pm
  4. Mbeya University of Science and Technology on 17th November 2022 from 9am to 12pm
  5. Teofilo Kisanji University on 17th November 2022 from 2pm to 5pm

The BioCosmos Team was represented by:

  1. Dag Kr. Norli – CEO/Chair, BioCosmos Africa
  2. Kjell Tveter – Author & Board Member, BioCosmos Africa
  3. Richard Ochieng’ – Chair, BioCosmos Kenya

During the visit, the team briefed the University Management and/or Representatives on the mandate of BioCosmos Foundation, its activities, affiliate institutions and organizations, the mission and vision it has for Tanzania in the face of a changing world.

The topics presented during the public lectures included:

  1. Background of the Public Lectures
  2. Overview of BioCosmos Foundation
  3. Worldviews
  4. Introduction to Intelligent Design
  5. Examples of Design in Nature
  6. Biological Complexity
  7. Intelligent Design vs Evolution

The audience across all the Universities appreciated the timely presentation of the Theory of Intelligent Design and need for Africa to embrace it. The participants listened keenly and asked several questions cutting across all the topics presented. The team explained the need for Implementation of Intelligent Design curriculum across all Institutions in Tanzania, the need to establish BioCosmos Tanzania Foundation and BioCosmos Tanzania Student Clubs and importance of embracing the Theory of Intelligent Design. We look forward to working with all interested parties to see BioCosmos Tanzania a reality.

It is worth noting that a number of the faculty members and students were eager to become part of BioCosmos Tanzania Foundation, and ready to learn more about Intelligent Design. Based on the importance of the subject presented by BioCosmos Foundation during the Public Lecture at Teofilo Kisanji University that had more than 1,000 participants, the event was covered by Mbeya Yetu TV to ensure that the message reached millions of Tanzanians.

BioCosmos Foundation issued copies of various books authored by Prof. Kjell Tveter to the Participants of the Public Lectures and the University Libraries. The books include:

  1. Kjell, J.T. (2018). The Little Book of Creation: A Simple Guide to Intelligent Design. Proklamedia.
  2. Kjell, J.T. (2019). The Majesty and Mystery of Life: Intelligent Causes in Nature. Proklamedia.
  3. Kjell, J.T. (2020). How and Why the West Lost its Faith. Emphasis on the Christian Worldview. Ventura

Based on the reception in Tanzania, we hope that more Universities will be open to listen to the presentations on Intelligent Design and invite BioCosmos Foundation to deliver public lectures. We look forward to further engagements and partnership.

Special thanks go to all those who made the Tanzania round trip a success.