About Biocosmos Kenya

Most people in the world have been taught that our universe and everything within it, are self-dependent. Everything just happened by happenstance. There is no metaphysical explanation for our reality, no transcendental forces. This view is called Naturalism and Materialism. Naturalism promotes that random reactions between the matter and energy  of the universe are able to explain everything. With this view of reality as a background we may ask the question: Are there conditions and relations in our reality that naturalistic forces seem to be unable to explain satisfactorily, and which are best explained by intelligent agency?

BioCosmos Kenya is an association that will present the view of Intelligent Design which is a relatively new branch of science. Whereas Naturalism maintains that blind chances without any plans are able to explain our total reality, Intelligent Design claims that several factors in the universe and in life show purpose and a planned aim that need intelligent agency.

BioCosmos Kenya will argue that biological information is the product of intelligent agency, since we know that all information we have knowledge about comes from an intelligent mind. We simply do no know of any type of information that is due to randomness. Naturalists, however, will not accept this conclusion, and claim that the information we find in life is due to naturalistic causes. Their worldview enforces them to refuse intelligent causes in nature.

Our desire is to present convincing evidence on this webpage for intelligent agency in nature. We will gradually transfer articles and videos that enlighten aspects of life that are compatible with Intelligent Design. Therefore this webpage may also be altered to adjust to new scientific developments.